Church Mission
The mission of Mount Olive Baptist Church is to
Preach and Teach the word of God with clarity so that
individuals will come to a point where the choice is
made to:

  • Live according to the Will of God.
  • Walk in the Way of God.
  • Be guided by the Word of God.
Vision and Purpose
The Purpose of Mount Olive Baptist Church is to start
an Evangelical Revolution in the lives of residents of
Fayette and surrounding counties.

Mount Olive will be a leader in starting a Spiritual,
Christian Revival in Southeast Atlanta.

Mount Olive will strive to have a presence and be an
Active Voice in the community.

Church Charge
Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them
in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the
Holy Ghost.  

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I
have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always,
even unto the end of the world.
About Mount Olive


The Mount Olive Baptist Church was established in 1866 in the annals of Georgia
slavery.  The original building was a single room with a dirt floor built on land that was
awarded to them by former slave owners.  The building also served as a schoolhouse for
children of former slaves.  The trailblazing organizers were Reverend Berry Austin,
Deacon Graves, and Deacon Solomon Glass.  Their pioneering efforts were supported by a
host of other faithful members who put their faith in Jesus Christ.

Throughout the years, God has stationed the following shepherds over the Mt. Olive flock:
Rev. Reed, Rev. Bell, Rev. Ware, Rev. Goer, Rev. R.N. Martin, Rev. McClusky, Rev. Manuel,
Rev. Covington, Rev. Dartz, Rev. Bennie Smith, Rev. Horace Milan, Rev. Hopie Strickland,
and Rev. Edward Brown.

Through God's divine direction, the church built a new sanctuary in 1986 located at 192
Graves Road.  Major improvements to this facility included a paved parking lot and
construction of a new access road to the property.  The interior of the church and fellowship
hall were refurbished in 2001.

In October 2004, Rev. Brown retired from the church thus leaving the position vacant. In that
same month, the Board of Deacons and the Church membership extended a call to Reverend
Melvin Ware in October.  Reverend Ware accepted the call and began his pastorate on the
3rd Sunday during that same month.  Under the leadership of Pastor Ware, God called two
servants into the ministry who were licensed.  Rev. Judy “J.T.” Ware was licensed on the 2nd
Sunday in November 2006 and Rev. Myrna Malone was licensed on the 2nd Sunday of
December 2006.  Currently, the ministerial staff includes Co-Pastor Rev. J.T. Ware,
Assistant Pastor Robinson, and Associate Minister Rev. Mary Cunningham.

Past serving Deacons were Deacon Mitchell, Deacon Hightower, Deacon J.T. Dorsey, Sr.,
Deacon Oscar Dorsey, Deacon J.H. Hood, Deacon Paul Dorsey, Deacon Robert Allen,
Deacon T.C. Davis, Deacon Bill Davis, Deacon Robert Williams, Deacon J.A. Hood, Deacon
Jessie James Chandler, Deacon Waymon Thompson, Deacon Alvin Ponder, Deacon Henry
Scandrick, Deacon Clifford Gay, Deacon Alvin Elder, Deacon J. T. Dorsey, Jr., Deacon Fred
Slaton, Deacon Andre Slaton, Deacon Alvin Ponder, Deacon Jimmy Rainey, Deacon
Cleveland Feemster, Deacon Norman Baskin, Deacon James Camp, and Deacon Ray

The Deacons currently serving are Chairman Louis Ross, Assistant Chairman Willie Ponder,
Chairman Emeritus Joseph Smith, Deacon Calvin Warren, Deacon Ray Stargent, Deacon
Willie Willis, Deacon Edgar Davis, and Deacon Donald Clark.  Deacons recently ordained in
November 2016 are Deacon George Ponder, Deacon Simeon Thomas, and Deacon John

The Church Administrative staff includes Rev. J. T. Ware who serves as the Church
Administrator and Director of Education. Additional staff members include Sister Karen Neal,
Church Treasurer; Sister Symone Singleton, Executive Secretary; Sister Vicki Dewberry,
Financial Secretary and Rev. Peter Robinson, Chairman of Trustee Ministry.

Past Church clerks include Sister Della Dorsey, Deacon Oscar Dorsey, Sister Gertrude
Dorsey, Deacon J.H. Hood, Deacon J.T. Dorsey Jr., Sister Frances Elder, Sister Annie Bell
Barlow, Sister Sarah Chandler and Sister Janie Slaton. The current Church Clerk is Sister
Vivian Robinson.

In 2001, God blessed the Church with eight and a half (8.5) acres located at 1565 Highway
92 North in Fayetteville, Georgia.  The ground-breaking ceremony for the new sanctuary was
September 3, 2006.  Deacon Alvin Ponder served as Chairman of the Construction
Committee and Bro. Johnny Ponder as Co-Chair. Other committee members included
Deacon Willie Ponder, Deacon Calvin Warren, Deacon Ray Calhoun, Sister Elizabeth
Ponder, Deacon Willie Willis, Sister JoAnn Calhoun, Sister Karen Neal, Sister Sherry
Stinchcomb, Sister Tracey Lester, Rev. J.T. Ware and Pastor Melvin Ware.  On April 20,
2008, the Church led a procession from the location at 192 Graves Road to the newly
constructed facility.

On November 2, 2008, the church observed another historical event by ordaining the "First
Lady” Rev. J.T. Ware, as our First Female Minister.  Rev. Myrna Malone was the second
female to be ordained in December 2008.  

The Church also installed the first Trustee Board under Pastor Ware’s leadership.  The  
members were Deacon James Camp, Chairman; Bro. Johnny Ponder, Co-Chairman; Deacon
Calvin Warren, Deacon Alvin Ponder, Bro. Anthony McElhaney, Sister Carol Theus, Bro.
Jimmy Rainey, Sister Sharamie Darrington, Sister Sharon Sanders, Rev. J.T. Ware and
Sister Karen Neal. Sister Marian Camp was appointed as Assistant Treasurer.  She, along
with Deacon Willie Ponder, served as Ex-Officio members of the Trustees Ministry.

Under the leadership of Pastor Melvin Ware, the church organized several ministries to meet
the needs of the church and to fulfill its mission to reach out to the surrounding communities.  
During 2008, Pastor Ware established a Music Committee to serve as a steering group for all
musical activities and services for the church.

Throughout the years, the church family has continued to grow by winning souls for Christ
and adding members to the church roll.  Down through the years, God has been good to the
Mt. Olive Family. God has brought us through trials and tribulations.  The building has
endured sunshine and rain, storms and tornadoes.  The Mt. Olive Church Family has made it
through the days of wooden stoves, oil lamps, horse-driven carriages, mule and wagons and
all other dangers seen and unseen.

As we celebrate 150 years, we resolve that we will follow the guidance and leadership of the
Holy Spirit and trust God to be faithful to His Word.  So, as we learn from looking back over a
rich and colorful past, we prepare for a glorious future and the challenges of a bright new
tomorrow.  We boldly acknowledge and accept God at His Word and we truly believe that we
are “Climbing Higher Heights By Faith.”
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Mount Olive Baptist Church
      Fayetteville, Georgia